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Fosseway Clear Honey
Luscious and with the ability to be drizzled, this honey has the same richness as our set honey a..
Fosseway Set Honey
A delicious blend of local nectars with a delicate, flowery flavour and a rich velvety-..
Honey and Lavender
We add organic lavender flower to our set honey to give you an English summer in a jar! Fres..
Coarse Grain Honey Mustard
Mild with a slight crunch from the wholegrain mustard seeds. Great with chops, steaks or in sandw..
Honey with Apricots
Velvety Argentinian set honey and sweet plump apricots - fruity and delicious on bread, scon..
Honey and Ginger
A warming blend of stem ginger with local and imported honey. We have heard some interesting appl..
Seville Orange and Honey Thick Cut Marmalade
The original and traditional marmalade ..
St Clements Orange, Lemons and Honey Marmalade
A lovelly mix of lemons, Seville Oranges and Honey - A great way to start the day! Jar Size 2..
Beeswax Polish 110ml
  Beeswax polish made using wax produced by our honey bees situated in the Cotswolds and..
Apivino is our new brand of artisan meads. The first one is a dry mead made with local honey. Gre..
Beeswax Furniture Cream 250ml
    Add a beautiful sheen to your furniture with the added bonus of the natural..
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