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The Warwickshire and Cotswold countryside yields the most wonderful honey nectar, which our bees gather and store in our hives. The mixture of woodlands, farmlands and garden plants ensure that Fosse Way Honey always contains a diverse range of nectar. 
Each year is different of course, but generally we are able to get our own borage honey and, during August, Derbyshire heather honey. 
Cooking with Honey
Honey is the common ingredient in all our chutneys, pickles, jams and marmalades. We have devised some great recipes where replacing sugar with honey not only adds a natural sweetness, but enhances the other ingredients.
Beeswax Furniture Care
In time honoured tradition, the natural beauty of wood has been enhanced with beeswax polish. Our furniture cream adds a shine to your wooden furniture with the subtle aroma of beeswax.
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